Monday, November 11, 2019


“Re­pub­li­cans, don’t be led into the fools trap of say­ing it was not per­fect, but is not im­peach­able. NOTH­ING WAS DONE WRONG!” – Donald Trump on Twitter

“Re­pub­li­cans started out say­ing he didn’t do it. Then he said he did it, but there is no quid pro quo. But then they said there might be [a] quid pro quo, but it’s not an im­peach­able of­fense. They are just try­ing to pro­vide enough of smoke­screen, so when the Sen­ate doesn’t con­vict they can say he shouldn’t have been im­peached in the first place.” – Bob Shrum in the Wall Street Journal


Despite the hysterical, instant-gratification impulses of the media, here are some things we won’t know this week:

1. Whether the House impeachment hearings will change public opinion.

2. Whether the Senate will have a full trial or vote to remove President Trump.

3. Whether Rudy Giuliani will be indicted.

4. Whether John Bolton will put forward information that mortally wounds the president.

5. Whether Joe Biden will execute a plan to revive his candidacy.

6. Whether the Democratic Party’s nominating electorate will fall in love with Mike Bloomberg.

7. Whether Mike Bloomberg will realize that the Democratic Party’s nominating electorate will not fall in love with him. (Unless the trial balloon hits him in the face and he halts his attempt – again — to be president.)

8. Whether the national media will take full stock of the strengths of Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns.

9. Whether the Amy Klobuchar boomlet will go boom.

10. Whether the China or North American trade deals will be reached.

My take: This is a big week. But not THE week. Take a breath.


Thank you to all our veterans and those serving today.


Top sports story: Heat suspend Dion Waiters 10 games after incident


Top business story: CDC says it’s made a breakthrough in finding possible cause of deadly vaping illness


Top entertainment story: ‘Midway’ Defeats ‘Doctor Sleep’ in Surprise Box Office Upset


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