Saturday, November 9, 2019

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3:30pm ET on CBS: #1 LSU versus #2 Alabama, both undefeated.

Donald Trump will be in Tuscaloosa for the game, Jeff Sessions is staying away.

At stake: How will the contest impact the college football national championship and control of the United States Senate? 

Game preview video.

Even Fox News wonders if the president will be booed.

My take: Why is this game not on in primetime?


Michael Bloomberg is a man of great accomplishment who will likely spend hundreds of millions if he runs for president and apparently thinks he can be the first person in the history of modern presidential politics to skip the early states and somehow be in the game come Super Tuesday.

Very smart Democratic strategist Bill Carrick to the Associated Press: “I don’t think you can just hopscotch around the calendar to suit your own political purposes. You skip the early states, you’re going to have a difficult time. I don’t see any evidence that strategy ever works.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board is psyched that Bloomberg might run.  I’m sure Warren and Sanders will notice that.

Is he skipping “just” Iowa and New Hampshire or also Nevada and South Carolina too?  Most seem to think all four.

My take: Say the only candidates left standing after the contests Bloomberg skips are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Not impossible. At which point the party would have spoken about what kind of nominee it is looking for.  Would the panicked establishment then want to turn to Bloomberg to rescue them?


Would the voters in Super Tuesday states turn to him (after months of stories about his positions that put him out of step with the very voters who chose Warren and Sanders, after months of stories of officials in the early states complaining about Bloomberg’s failure to compete, and after a month when he is completely out of the narrative)?

You tell me.

And if a more centrist candidate is alive after New Hampshire (Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar), would Bloomberg be able to swan in and displace them, rather than just help Warren and/or Sanders clinch the nomination by dividing the moderate vote?

You tell me.


More evidence, as if any were needed, that Rudy Giuliani is at the center of most everything Trump/Ukraine, from the Wall Street Journal.

My take: At some point, Donald Trump is going to have to reckon with this reality in private and then in public.  For two key reasons, distancing is unlikely to work.


Top sports story: LSU-Alabama, Penn State-Minnesota and college football’s monster weekend


Top business story: Trump says he has not agreed to roll back tariffs on China, after week of trade optimism


Top entertainment story: Vanna White Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Following Pat Sajak’s Emergency Surgery

Associated Press

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