Friday, October 18, 2019

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1. Mick Mulvaney’s performance Thursday was most reminiscent of

a. James A. Baker 3d.

b. Leon Panetta.

c. Ken Duberstein.

d. Donald Trump.


2. Speaker Pelosi’s toughest decision related to impeachment is

a. When to get the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

b. What to put in the articles of impeachment.

c. How to get Republican support for impeachment.

d. When to start public hearings.


3. Elizabeth Warren won’t say that Medicare for All would require higher taxes on the middle class because

a. She doesn’t believe it will.

b. She is trying to differentiate herself from Bernie Sanders.

c. She is worried that the Trump campaign would use it against her in a general election.

d. I have no idea.


4. President Trump is most truly annoyed with

a. Gordon Sondland.

b. Mitt Romney.

c. Mick Mulvaney.

d. Nancy Pelosi.


5. The G-7 is being held at a Trump property because

a. Trump wants to use the presidency to enrich himself.

b. The professionals on the administration advance team really thought it was the best option in all of the United States.

c. Trump is obsessed with showing off the things he owns to other people.

d. Brad Parscale thinks it will help the campaign nail down Florida.


6. The person who is most dreading the prospect of a Senate impeachment trial is

a. John Roberts.

b. Melania Trump.

c. Mitch McConnell.

d. Sean Hannity.


7. The person who is most excited about the prospect of a Senate impeachment trial is

a. Sean Hannity.

b. Rachel Maddow.

c. Lindsey Graham.

d. Kamala Harris.


8. The candidate most likely to be the Democratic nominee if someone else wins both Iowa and New Hampshire is

a. Joe Biden.

b. Elizabeth Warren.

c. Bernie Sanders.

d. Someone else.


9. The most distinctive aspect of this crop of Democratic presidential candidates regarding Iowa and New Hampshire as compared to past cycles is

a. How little time the candidates are actually spending on the ground.

b. That the relative strength of all the leading candidates is roughly the same in both states.

c. How cookie-cutter and relatively unimaginative their events are.

d. All of the above.


10. The best actual headline for this Peggy Noonan column suggesting that if things break just so along the current trajectory, the Senate could vote to remove an impeached Trump from office is

a. “Nobody Knows Nothing About Nothing.”

b. “The Gang of 500 Knows Trump Is More Likely to Be Removed by the Senate Than by the Voters.”

c. “Republican Senators in a Secret Vote Would Remove Trump From Office in a Gotham City Minute.”

d. “The Impeachment Needle May Soon Move.”


Answers: 1-d; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b; 5-c; 6-a; 7-b; 8-d; 9-d;10-c.


Fact: White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney attempted to use the power of his position by coming into the briefing room to tell the world that the G-7 would be held on a Trump property in Miami and act like there was nothing wrong with that.

Fact: As brazen as Mulvaney’s G-7 gambit was, his comments acknowledging a political quid pro quo with Ukraine were even more brazen.

Fact: Mulvaney’s Ukraine comments were apparently as stunning to most of his colleagues as they were to members of Congress of both parties and the media.

(Per the Washington Post: “A prep session held in Mulvaney’s office ahead of the news conference with White House lawyers and press staff, as well as State Department officials, focused mostly on G-7 questions, according to two officials familiar with the meeting.

“’No one expected him to go out there and say what he said,’ one of the people said with regard to his Ukraine comments.”)

Fact: Mulvaney’s later attempt to walk back what he said about a Ukraine political quid pro quo undid next-to-none of the damage his original comments caused.

Fact: We might never know WTF Mulvaney was actually thinking.

My take: Shocking and surprising.


Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo flew to Turkey to make a Syria deal that is being judged by members of Congress of both parties and the media (including owl-eyed David Sanger of the New York Times) as a huge win for Erdoğan, Assad, Putin, and Iran.

My take: Shocking but (after recent events) not surprising.


Despite various pledges by the Trump family, a couple hundred years of precedents, and the traditional decorum of presidential behavior, the president successfully suggested the government hold the G-7 on his property, the most stunning move to date in the short and (un)complicated history of the Trump family looking to profit and promote off of the presidency.

My take: Shocking but not surprising.


David Brooks says everyone should vote for Elizabeth Warren over Donald Trump, if it comes to that.

My take: Neither shocking nor surprising.


Top sports story: Yankees playing their worst baseball at the worst possible time

HOU 8, NYY 3

HOU leads series 3-1


Top business story: China’s Economy Slows on Weak Investment, Testing Global Growth


Top entertainment story: ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Scores 6.5 Million Viewers Across First Weekend


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