Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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President Trump has a joint press conference with the Italian president at noon ET and meets with congressional leaders about Syria at 3pm ET.

Democratic debate

“Democrats stop faking it — and have a serious debate” (Politico)

My take: They came for Elizabeth Warren; she handled it fine.  The moderators admirably focused mostly on substantive topics, as opposed to political and process questions. Cory Booker’s closing statement was one of the most extraordinary moments of the debates so far. However, if anything happened during the three hours that will impact the outcome of the nomination process, it occurred either while I was watching baseball or nodding off.



“White House Is Said to Open Internal Review of Ukraine Call” (New York Times)

My take: Search this story for the word “Kushner,” then ask yourself what accounts for the result.



“Republicans drop their revolt against Trump on Syria” (Politico)

My take: What a difference a day makes.  As Tuesday dawned, it appeared bipartisan congressional repudiation of the president’s Syria “policy” was inevitable.  The whiplash-quick rallying of Senate Republicans by the administration should worry Democrats who think they can win GOP backing for impeachment.


Rudy Giuliani

“Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president, former officials say” (Washington Post)

My take: The knives are out for this man. The president finally knows that. It is not clear that Rudy does yet.


Top sports story: Jaguars send Jalen Ramsey to Rams for pair of 1st-rounders


Top business story: China Unexpectedly Injects $28 Billion of Cash as Growth Slows


Top entertainment story: Norah O’Donnell and Susan Zirinsky Ready ‘CBS Evening News’ for Streaming Wars


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