Monday, October 14, 2019

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The latest news on the fast-developing story in Syria and Turkey is here.

My take:  The inverse of the famous Pottery Barn Rule is in effect here. By withdrawing U.S. forces, unleashing the Turks, endangering the Kurds, potentially reviving ISIS, raising ire and concern in Congress and among American allies, and failing to have or explain a clear plan, Donald Trump owns the outcome of whatever happens in the region, both politically and for history.


The Washington Post looks at Donald Trump’s impeachment era state of mind, which seems to lack peace of mind.

My take: Is the presidential head in a truly different place than it has ever been? There are increasingly signs that it is, but the full implications of such a thing are not clear yet.  It does make leaking even more likely, for obvious reasons, which will keep the cycle going.


The fact that the Associated Press finds some voters are wary and weary of impeachment does not mean House Democrats will change course – but it makes the clock tick even faster.

My take: Measuring sentiment is difficult and/but polls clearly have moved in favor of impeachment, but, make no mistake, the media is still creating a misleading impression of how big the Democrats’ margin of error is on this enterprise, especially when it comes to time.


The Wall Street Journal examines Elizabeth Warren’s fuzzy position on health care reform.

My take: “I’ve got a plan for that” is not going to be good enough for Warren’s rivals and some voters if her position on a top issue for the electorate is actually “I’ve got a plan without some key specifics for that.” Everyone knows why Warren isn’t being more specific on health care reform.  What is unknown is what will/could cause her to be more specific, and what the consequences would be if she were.


Hunter Biden’s announcement about his present and future business practices is being cast by Democratic strategists as a smart step.

My take: This move definitely helps. It also definitely doesn’t end the scrutiny, the investigative reporting, and the opposition research.


If you want to know why Donald Trump remains the favorite for reelection in the eyes of many Democratic and Republican strategists, read this op ed by former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

My take: Two weeks out from the release of my book, “How to Beat Trump,” I begin the process of introducing you to the content by reminding you that many Democratic strategists believe that it takes a lot of different steps for a challenger’s campaign to beat an incumbent president. And none of the Democratic candidates are taking very many of those steps now.


My take: It is simple and imperative – even if Team Trump didn’t produce the horrible video depicting the killing of journalists, the campaign and the White House both have an obligation to denounce it. 


Top sports story: Astros vs. Yankees score: Carlos Correa evens up ALCS with 11th-inning walk-off homer in Game 2

CBS Sports

Top business story: Wall Street’s Sky-High Expectations Are About to Collide With Reality

New York Times

Top entertainment story: Box Office: ‘Joker’ Goes Crazy With $55M; ‘Addams Family’ Buries ‘Gemini Man’

Hollywood Reporter

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