Thursday, September 5, 2019

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Trump Troubles Tally

The president has very little chance to get anything significant done before he faces the voters – and he lacks the discipline to promote what he has accomplished, per the New York Times.

He is not on track to win reelection, per John Podhoretz.

He is currently losing to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in a new Wisconsin survey, per the Marquette University Law School Poll.

He’s not working hard enough, per the LA Times.

He was roundly mocked in many quarters for his false claim about Alabama being threatened by the hurricane, per the Associated Press.

Someone close to Trump says no one will stand up to him when he is wrong, per Politico.

Migrant children in federal custody have severe mental health issues, per the Department of Health and Human Services.

Prospects of a trade deal breakthrough with China are “low,” per the Wall Street Journal.

His trade agenda is an utter failure in every way, per one of the smartest people in post-World War II America, Bob Zoellick.

He is still in a political pickle on gun safety, per Politico.

His ally Boris Johnson is in a world of hurt, per the Guardian’s Zoe Williams.

More House Republican retirements are widely cast as a sign that the majority cannot be regained for Trump’s party, per Fox News.

The Atlanta Fed downgraded its third-quarter GDP growth estimate, per Reuters

My take: How many of those items are based on anti-Trump media bias?


How many of those items would be disputed by any Republican Senator who was being honest?


How many of those items would be disputed by any member of the White House senior staff or reelection campaign team?

Maybe 1 or 1.5.

What are the chances that the president will look at this list and resolve to change his ways and do better?


And/but: As a matter of governance, these are among the worst of times for the presidency of Donald J. Trump. 

As a matter of his winning four more years, the last three incumbents were in dire political shape well into the fall of their re-election efforts, and all three won.

The Democrats’ on-paper frontrunner, Joe R. Biden, is not having a particularly good news cycle either (Drudge attack, Jeff Greenfield suggesting potential doom, seen as shaky in CNN town hall, pressed on gaffes by Stephen Colbert, panned by Brit Hume).

Just four elected incumbents have lost reelection bids since 1900.  Trump ferociously wants to win. The president’s reelection team is following the model of its three predecessors and are smartly and quietly using the time edge it has to build a political death star. Democrats are not as united as some think, and the nomination contest is sure to exacerbate divisions. 

Trump is Trump. Biden is Biden. None of us have ever seen this movie before. 

The film and journalism clichés apply: tomorrow is another day and only time will tell.

But today’s snapshot is grim indeed for this president.

Top sports story: Dodgers break NL record for homers in a season

Top business story: Hurricane Dorian to cost retailers $1.5 billion and threaten back to school sales

Top entertainment story: Eddie Murphy Planning Return To Stand-up Comedy In 2020

Big Four


In a new rural plan, Steve Bullock proposes two-year freeze on ag mergers to reset oversight.

New Hampshire

Messner becomes the third Republican to launch a 2020 Senate campaign.

State to appeal judge’s ruling on school funding method.


Numbers show Democrats made slight gains with Nevada voters.

South Carolina

Major coastal flooding from Dorian could shut down SC coast Wednesday, officials say.

SC lawmakers urge Trump to reject ‘unconstitutional’ red flag gun laws.

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