Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Shorter Trump, on the economy: “Forget tax cuts or other stimulus.  The economy is doing great and needs no help. But the Fed and Jerome Powell are ruining the economy.”

Shorter Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics: “The Trump tax cuts weren’t as effective in creating jobs as we thought.”

Shorter Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, on the Beltway’s tool kit to stave off a recession: “Not a lot of tools in there.”

Shorter Wall Street Journal ed board, on Trump’s economic policy waffling: “End the trade war by magically getting part of a loaf from China now and come back for more in a second term. Oh, and we think Elizabeth Warren will be the Democratic nominee.”

Shorter Trump on background checks: “Blah, blah, blah.”

Shorter Dan Balz, on Trump’s week (so far), and, in effect, on the history of the entire Trump administration: “A pattern of dissembling, of deliberate or unknowing falsehoods as well as efforts to divide already divided Americans from one another.”

Shorter Netanyahu, on Trump’s questioning the loyalty of Americans who vote for Democrats: “.” (couldn’t be shorter)

Shorter Karl Rove, on impeachment: “Democrats are going to destroy themselves politically.”

Shorter Rahm Emanuel, on impeachment, “Nancy Pelosi is too smart to let that happen.”

Shorter Jay Inslee, on departure from the presidential race: “Together, we will continue the fight to defeat the climate crisis.”

Shorter John Hickenlooper, on his future: “I’m running for the Senate.”

Shorter Bernie Sanders and unions, on Medicare-for-all: “Medicare-for-all for almost all, but Medicare-plus-more-for-labor.”

Shorter Wall Street Journal, on Nancy Pelosi (in an essential read): “She is about protecting her majority AND about seeking the most progressive change that is POSSIBLE under the circumstances.”

Shorter Trump, on his favorite current feud: “Tlaib versus Maher.”

Shorter Rich Lowry, on “The Trump Show”: “Exhausting and/but compelling.”

Shorter Trump, on everything: “I am the chosen one.”

My take: With the exception of content-hungry cable news show producers working the August shift, not a lot of players are getting their way this month.

The political winners of August so far: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Wayne LaPierre, Xi Jinping, Mitch McConnell, and

Only three of those six are currently projected by the Wide World of News model to be winners in September.  Email me your guesses.

Top sports story: Astros stunned in historic upset at sportsbooks

Top business story: Former OMB director says a halt in US consumer spending would bring on a recession

Top entertainment story: Sean Spicer, Lamar Odom Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast

Big Four


Presidential candidates warned: They must be ‘unambiguously pro-worker’ to earn union leader’s endorsement.

Joe Biden calls Donald Trump’s tax cut idea ‘the dumbest thing in the world’.

Michael Bennet wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 in parts of US, expand tax credits.

Beto O’Rourke focuses on curbing gun violence in first Iowa visit since El Paso shooting.

Kamala Harris to open campaign office in Sioux City.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday, August 22, 2019

  1. My projection for the September political winners are Wayne LaPierre (will show who is the boss on guns), Xi Jinping (will get tariffs to go away as recession fears heighten), Mitch McConnell (will also make guns go away)


  2. GREAT NEWS, already pre ordered now hopefully you’ll consider some fiction cause this real life shit is getting tiresome. Best of luck.


    Chris Dooley

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