Saturday, August 3, 2019

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Wide World of News, Weekend Edition

Some of you requested a Saturday special.

Let’s consider this an experiment, shall we?

Ratcliffe Out As DNI Nominee

My take: Obvious and expected, the minute it was clear Republican Senators were not enthusiastic about voting for him.  Meaning: they weren’t going to vote for him.

Two Top AOC Aides Out

My take: Obvious but unexpected, buried on a Friday night, a few beats after it was clear that Speaker Pelosi would not stand for staff taking on members.

Republicans Worry About Texas’ Electoral Votes

My take: Not obvious or expected, and/but Ted Cruz tells the Washington Post, “The president’s reelection campaign needs to take Texas seriously….It is by no means a given” that Trump will carry the Lone Star State.

US-China Trade War Spooks World Economy

My take: Obvious and expect more of it.  Neither side is backing down and a compromise that splits the difference will be no easier to come by than neatly eating a hoisin-sauce-laced Peking duck pancake while blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back.

Top sports story: Fans removed from Baltimore Orioles game after unfurling Donald Trump banner


Top business story:  Facebook shows who’s boss by adding its name to Instagram, WhatsApp

Wall Street Journal

Top entertainment story: CBS, Viacom reach tentative management structure for combined company


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