Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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Tuesday’s Prelude to Wednesday

Regarding Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential candidate parley:

Politico, calling the debate a “boring mess,” says Warren, Delaney, Williamson, and Biden won.

The Washington Post says Warren, Buttigieg, Delaney, and Williamson won.

The New York Times, calling the debate “a relatively high-minded affair,” says Warren and Sanders won.

John Podhoretz says Warren and Williamson won.

Jen Psaki says Warren and Buttigieg won.

Ed Rogers says Warren and Sanders won.

Doug Schoen says Warren, Sanders, Delaney, and Buttigieg won.

Fox says Williamson won.

Rebecca Katz says Warren and Sanders won.

The Wall Street Journal says Warren and Sanders won.

My take: Warren, Sanders, Biden, and Trump won. 

Want to know what I think about Wednesday’s debate? Read Wide World of News on Thursday. Projecting what would happen Tuesday night was a piece of cake. The possibilities for tonight’s debate are as wide open as the National League Central (where the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers are separated by just two games).

What Did the President Do Tuesday?

Trump renewed his call for an interest rate cut, which he will likely get this week; played down expectations for a trade deal with China (in order to try to increase the chances of a trade deal with China); defended Senator McConnell from the “Moscow Mitch” charges that have clearly gotten under the Leader’s skin; played down the latest North Korean missile launches; saw the DNC’s racketeering lawsuit against his 2016 campaign related to Russian hacking dismissed; brushed off charges of racism and claimed without evidence great support from Baltimore residents and African-Americans; geared up to keep his tax returns away from Golden Staters; and said he thinks Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee.

My take: Donald Trump talks a lot and creates a lot of news.  He likes the spotlight and overloads the circuits. All this will either re-elect him or cost him a second term. Stay tuned.

Eliot Engel Joins Impeachment Backers

House Foreign Affairs topper puts Democrats closer to a House caucus majority in favor of beginning proceedings.

My take: Here are five realities.

A vast, vast majority of House Democrats already thinks the president broke the law and should be in prison.

A vast, vast majority of House Democrats already thinks the president should be impeached and removed from office.

There are House impeachment proceedings already underway; they just aren’t being called impeachment proceedings, but rather “investigations.” 

The media will go bonkers when, as appears likely now, a majority of the caucus comes out publicly in favor of impeachment. 

Look for the Speaker to finesse that moment.

Stop/Start the Presses

Page Six says Lisa Marie Presley is writing a book about Elvis and Michael Jackson.

My take: It may not be tomorrow. It may not be this month. But when this book comes out, it could be a bigger story than anything else covered in today’s edition. A LMP book is the epitome of Wide World of News.

Top sports story: Legacy secured, Jill Ellis walks away from game she loves

Top business story: Steel industry to suffer major losses from rising carbon prices and climate regulations, report says

Top entertainment story: Box Office: ‘The Lion King’ Becomes Fourth Disney Film to Cross $1 Billion This Year

Big Four


3 Nevada lawmakers, 2 former US House reps endorse Biden.

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