Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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How Is Everybody Doing?


* Court: Can’t block Twitter foes

* NY Times: Co-hosted solo party with Epstein

* Suffers Census question setback on lawyer change

* Displays more selective amnesia on ties to UK ambassador

* Florida strip club to use presidential golf course for fundraiser

My take: Investigative reporting on Epstein ties still in overdrive as Chaos Presidency threatens to further turn off suburban voters.


* Controls fate of new Mexico-Canada trade deal

* Plans July legislative sprint meant to appease all caucus factions

* NY Times publishes its version of “Speaker vs Squad” feud

My take: Apparent rare moment of regret and recalibration by Pelosiover unnecessary self-inflicted inflaming of intra-caucus tensions.


* Leads in new national poll

* Regular Joe now a millionaire

My take: Voters care less than reporters do about politicians’ personal wealth but candidacy still faces extreme skepticism from even many of his friends.


* Draws former fighter pilot as Democratic opponent for re-election

* Costa: Democrats try to turn Senate Leader into national boogeyman for 2020

* In classic move, compares himself to Obama on reparations, slavery family past

My take: Political press would love to see him lose, but turning him into face of GOP beyond Bluegrass State tough to do in Age of Trump


* New York Times essential reading profile

*  Washington Post essential reading on his famous associates

My take: Potential blackmail storyline could be game changer for media, legal case.


* Kathleen Parker: he has to go

* Wall Street Journal ed board defends Labor Secretary

* Report: Acting chief of staff Mulvaney wants him out

My take: Can probably hold on to job until/unless Republican Senators call for him to quit, or if there are new new facts.

Rip Torn


* Video sample of his iconic brilliance

My take: Highly rated and/but/yet underrated as an acting genius.

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