Friday, June 28, 2019

About Last Night

“Kamala Harris had a moment that was two hours long.” — Van Jones

My take:

*The other candidates aren’t the least bit afraid of Joe Biden.

*Kamala Harris will be a major factor in every debate she is in going forward; the other candidates are now on notice that they need to prep specifically for her.

*The five things that will follow from Harris’ performance: she will have an online fundraising boom; many establishment figures who have doubts about Biden will now look at/to her; her confidence will snowball; the press interest in her campaign will be sky high for the foreseeable future; get ready for some floated opposition research from other Democrats and from Team Trump.

*Amidst the praise for Harris’ star turn, her position on private insurance is now a blur again.  Republicans noticed.

*People whose judgment I trust said Biden looked strong; people whose judgment I trust said Biden looked overwhelmed and past his political expiration date.

*To be sure: I can’t recall a frontrunner of either party counterpunching so softly when directly confronted in a debate.  The pressure on him to perform better in the next face-off is now immense.

*Kirsten Gillibrand’s performance won’t get the attention it deserves because Harris owned the night.

*If you buy what Pete Buttigieg is selling, there was a lot on offer Thursday.

*Bernie Sanders ’20 believes what Bernie Sanders ’16 believed: TALKING LOUD IS GOOD, likeability be damned, socialism sells.

*If Michael Bennet can stay on the stage as the number of participants gets smaller, he will be even more of a factor.

*Named on more than 3 media “winners” lists: Harris, Buttigieg.

*Named on more than 3 media “losers” lists: Biden, Yang.

*I would wager that Harris and Buttigieg finished the night with more supporters than they started with.  Gillibrand and Bennet might have also.  I doubt anyone else did.

*Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson were given extraordinary opportunities, which they squandered.

*We witnessed another night that demonstrated the leftward movement of the Democratic Party, including on immigration and health care.

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In other news:

Jocular Trump Tells Putin Not to Interfere in 2020.

My take: Post-Mueller world emboldens POTUS even more than usual.

Pelosi Cave on Immigration Bill Roils House Democrats.

My take: Senate Democrats + Mitch McConnell = power to break Speaker’s usual strong grip over her flock.

Supreme Court Issues Massive Rulings on Redistricting and Census.

My take: John Roberts has nearly unlimited power, and somehow escapes serious conservative scorn; Democrats will now have to spend even more effort dealing with the impact of redistricting; Republicans will now have to spend even more effort dealing with their Census agenda.

Top sports story: California legislator introduces bill to legalize sports gambling


Top business story: Wall Street traders battle with small investors over new rules in the $9 trillion corporate bond market

Wall Street Journal

Top entertainment story: WGA looks to negotiate with individual agencies as talks continue to stall


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