Thursday, June 13, 2019

Warren Rising Over Sanders

My take: As of now, Warren’s ceiling looks higher than Sanders’, and Biden would likely have a tougher time for a variety of reasons besting the Massachusetts Senator in a two-person race than he would beating her Vermont colleague.  Will there come a day when Biden might have to go negative on Warren? There is a real possibility of that now.  What material the former VP would choose to use, and how effective (and/or dangerous) such a move would be, are very much TBD.  Despite Biden’s claim that he plans to run a positive campaign, does he have an opposition research shop, and is that shop looking into Warren’s record and background?

Trump Would Take Oppo From Norway

My take: This is one of the all-time great “Trump has changed almost every imaginable standard” moments of the last four years.

Hicks to Testify in Private to House Committee

My take: Records will be broken for biggest Hill stakeout ever; potential to also break the record for “fastest leak ever” after her appearance next week.

Howard Schultz’s Bad Back Delays Presidential Decision

My take: Democrats need breaks to beat the incumbent. Biden’s strong start puts even more pressure on the Starbucks big to stay out of the contest – or be known for ever more as the person who re-elected Donald Trump.

Read This Dan Henninger Wall Street Journal Column

My take: His conclusion is something every Democrat who wants to win back the White House should consider: “Donald Trump has a catlike sense for the deep cultural unease this post-Obama coalition creates among many millions of voters. It is the one variable Mr. Biden won’t be able to fix from now until Election Day.”  Henninger knows a very special breed of cat, apparently. 

Blues Win Stanley Cup…Finally

My take: St Louis is truly one of the great sports cities in America.  Now they just need real pizza.

Durant Has Successful Surgery

My take: Get healthy and become a Knick.  And I don’t even root for the Knicks.

Top sports story: Kyrie parts ways with agent, looks to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation


Top business story: U.S. CEO Confidence drops to the lowest level of Trump presidency


Top entertainment story: ‘Chernobyl’ sets record for HBO digital viewership


Big Four


Joe Biden says Democratic debate won’t offer a chance for ‘any real depth’.

“After ordering a short stack of pancakes at a local café….”

New Hampshire

Booker says he wants to win the primary ‘the traditional Granite State way’.


Biden leads Democratic presidential candidates in Nevada poll.

Sisolak signs wage, sick leave, collective bargaining bills.

Las Vegas voter turnout third worst in 20 years.

Nevada law prevents most employers from rejecting pot-users.

South Carolina

Planned Parenthood forum on abortion drawing Dem candidates.

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