Thursday, April 25, 2019

Some Good News for Biden on Launch Day

McCain family backing?

Union backing!

Leads Trump in new h2h poll.

My take: Despite these positives, Biden’s candidacy is viewed very skeptically in many quarters, including by members of Team Obama. After I wrote earlier this week about the numerous challenges the former vp faces, I got unsolicited missives from additional senior Democratic sources with Biden ties who added their voices to the chorus of naysayers. They believe that Biden will not only never be the Democratic nominee, but that his presence in the race will block other candidates from growing their support, thereby facilitating Bernie Sanders winning the nomination. These sources much prefer Biden become the nominee, but they think the chances of that are very low.

Even Some Liberals Worry About Bernie Vs. Trump

Essential reading: Progressive chronicler Tom Edsall warns in NY Times column that Sanders might not be able to win a general election.

My take: The massive concern inside the Democratic Party establishment that Sanders will be very difficult to stop for the nomination is the most under covered story in American politics today. But this piece raises another important dynamic: even some progressives worry that Bernie’s nomination would re-elect Trump.

Sanders Does Not Shine at She the People

Progressive Houston gathering heckles Democratic frontrunner

My take: Sanders does not necessarily need to expand his current backing to win a plurality of delegates, but he certainly needs to win over more non-white voters if he is going to arrive in Milwaukee closing in on a majority.

Hillary Clinton Pens Mueller/Russia Washington Post Op-ed

Essential reading.

My take: This is a passionate and well reasoned critique that smartly captures both the mind and the heart of where Democrats mostly are on the path forward after the Mueller report and demonstrates the kind of party consensus-building skill that Clinton did not always show as a candidate. If Biden falters, will the establishment turn to her — or John Kerry? Or someone already in the race? A failure to consolidate around a single center-left candidate gives Sanders a huge edge.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, April 25, 2019

  1. I look forward to a vigorous contest and who ever bubbles to the top, will get my vote. Of course, what drives my thought process is – Ending the Trump nightmare. I do not think, Biden will necessarily waltz to the nomination, nor will B Sanders. It will be a delegate race and the debates will matter, as will organization and execution of individual campaigns. May the best person win!!


  2. One more thing, Heillman is a clown. You are better off without him. He thinks he is Mr. Cool, NYC, Starbucks, Beatnick, Woke, Tie party undone on purpose, fool.


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