Monday, April 22, 2019

Dems Split on Impeachment Option

My take: Pelosi’s planned Monday conference call with House Democrats meant to grapple with the path forward, as a minority of members pushes for a formal probe to charge Trump.

The big missing piece: will Mueller public testimony build any momentum?

The big tea leaf: most 2020 candidates — usually unable to resist catering to the left — are exceedingly reticent about pushing impeachment.

The big reality: Pelosi seems to be using her ample skills to let the air gracefully out of the effort to remove Trump, focusing instead on finding a 2020 nominee who can topple the incumbent. Key to that is to create the right environment.

“I Have Never Been Happier”: Trump

My take: Presidential Twitter victory lap, golfing with Limbaugh, Giuliani’s claim there’s nothing wrong with taking campaign help from Russia show three-pronged strategy: project over-the-top delight with Mueller outcome; attempt to move the debate past the damaging information in the report; always, always, always stoke the Trump base.

Mysteries Remain

My take: Long Washington Post reconstruction of Mueller probe wonders if Don Jr. ever testified and what will happen with Stone trial. Question for legal eagles: why would Jr. have escaped a grand jury appearance?

Moulton Is In

My take: Newest 2020 entrant is a media-savvy veteran who could make waves in race, but for now adds to the dynamic that the mammoth field makes it challenging for anyone but Biden, Sanders to break through consistently or consolidate 20%+ in polls.

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