Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One More Day…Waiting for Mueller

My take: Today is just thumb-sucking pre-game — this is one instance where how the media frames a story matters most of all. If Mueller has evidence that suggests Barr was spinning beyond the pale, nothing will trump that.

Buttigieg: Trump Is Like a “Chinese Finger Trap”

My take: Mayor Pete’s words to large Iowa rally are key to Democratic chances of unseating the incumbent.

“We’ve got to acknowledge — without giving an inch on the racism or xenophobia that played a role in that campaign — we’ve got to also pay attention to the things that make people susceptible to that message and make sure we’re addressing them.”

Democrats Debating Fox

My take: Sanders FNC town hall draws big ratings, while other candidates consider going on Fox and Trump complains; some smart Democratic strategists wonder if it is possible to reach Trump voters without validating Fox.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 17, 2019

  1. So great to have you back – we sorely need your intelligent and experienced voice to interpret the Freak Show. Never has the populace been more in need of your rational perspective. Keep it coming….


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