Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Paris mysteries: What caused fire, what artifacts survived, why weren’t flames put out sooner?


Mark says: In the US, this story will almost certainly dominate until the Mueller report comes out Thursday.

Emerson national poll:

Sanders: 29
Biden: 24
Butttigieg: 9
Harris: 8
O’Rourke: 8
Warren 7


Mark says: Skeptics focus on Bernie’s perceived ceiling (the way they did Trump’s in 2016); realists recognize that both his floor and his ceiling might be higher in three months than they are now.

Bernie is $1 million dollar man.


Mark says: The way this thorny PR problem was handled reflects the Achilles’ heel of the Sanders’ campaign; like in ’16, Bernie and Jane insist on handling the toughest problems largely by themselves.

Trump under investigation, off message, awaiting Mueller report.


Mark says: This swirl will continue right through November, 2020; the right Democrat can win this race, but Trump is stronger than the media coverage suggests, creating another dangerous illusion for the opposition.

NBA: Clippers stun Warriors 135-131 to tie series at 1-1 after record 31-point comeback.

Mark says: Give NBA playoff basketball a chance this year — more interesting teams, players, and games than in a long while.

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