Wednesday, May 29, 2019

News Potpourri for 500, Alex

Top Washington Post story:

Veterans Buttigieg, Moulton question Trump’s Vietnam deferments.

My take: It doesn’t take an advanced degree in psychology to know that this is one issue where Trump feels both mentally and politically vulnerable. It is amazing that no Republican took him on over this matter in 2016. You can bet Republican opposition researchers are going to try to Swift Boat Trump’s critics. But in the end, Trump is going to likely have to defend himself, and he won’t find it easy.

Top Politico story:

Impeachment-backing Republican Congressman Amash touts stance in rousing Grand Rapids town hall.

My take: If there were any doubt before, we now know Amash is not going to tip toe around his position. Of all the data points making it harder for Nancy Pelosi to stave off impeachment proceedings, Amash’s vocal and detailed call to impeach Trump is right at the top. The irony of a lone Republican putting more pressure on Pelosi than the millions of Democrats who are demanding the move is not lost on anyone.

Top New York Times story:

Trump undermines Bolton on North Korea and Iran.

My take: In a normal administration this would not be a big deal — it would be unfathomable. But in the Trump administration, a president undercutting his top national security aide on two of the world’s biggest hot spots is called “Tuesday.” Bolton won’t quit over this, world governments will yawn and shake their heads in ceremonial disbelief, and the parade of mixed signals will continue.

Top Wall Street Journal story:

Supreme Court sidesteps abortion challenges.

My take: There will be more endless speculation about what the Roberts court wants to do about Roe versus Wade. The truth is no one outside the High Court really knows. In the short term, it is clear there aren’t five votes to do away with the precedent expeditiously. The current court hasn’t showed its hand on how it wants to have this play out. What IS clear is that if Trump gets to replace a Democratic-nominated justice, Roe would almost certainly be undermined, and perhaps outright overturned.

Top story:

Biden unveils education plan.

My take: Specific, left-of-center plan aimed to spend more Washington dollars to improve education, especially in underserved areas. Nothing super innovative here but in keeping with Biden’s vision of the role of Washington and the priority he puts on education policy.

Top Daily Mail story:

Missouri might become the first state without an abortion clinic since Roe.

My take: Amidst passage of all these new state laws restricting abortion, the symbolism of a large state literally having no legal clinic to perform abortions is likely to galvanize abortion rights supporters in a way no other development has so far.

Top New York Post story:

Trump pretends he was defending Biden against Kim.

My take: The question must be asked: why did the president back down on this jibe, of all the insults he has issued? There is more going on here than is apparent on the surface. Keep watching this one.

Top sports story:

A dramatic look inside the aftermath of the Laker’s failed reboot

Top business story:

Despite trade war, consumer confidence rises
Wall Street Journal

Top entertainment story:

Infuriating rivals, Ari Emanuel’s firm files for IPO during WGA dispute

Big Four


Iowa continues to shed state workers: Gone are 3,000 jobs affecting worker safety, abused kids, flood victims.

New Hampshire

In Concord, Bernie says he’s the best candidate to beat Trump.


Nevada’s political prominence raises costs for state police.

Bill increasing Nevada’s minimum wage clears state Assembly.

South Carolina

Diverse crowd turns out early to hear Kamala Harris.

Spreading 200-acre wildfire prompts evacuations, closes major highway, SC officials say.

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