Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pelosi Holds Off Impeachment Effort

Restive Democrats in the House want to begin inquiry while Speaker sticks to her political gut that probe is not smart.

My take: While Trump and congressional Republicans largely condemn and ignore Congressman Amash’s break away on impeachment, Pelosi must deal with the reality that the left sees a moral imperative to move towards an inquiry. Pelosi argued in closed-door sessions Monday that a favorable judge ruling ordering some disclosure from the president suggests courts could help the current various probes move along. She continues to urge patience

But when Don McGahn fails to show up for a hearing today, pro-impeachment Democrats likely will raise their voices louder in public and private.

The twin North Stars that guide Pelosi’s position against impeachment — the Senate will never convict and remove Trump and formal proceedings will hurt Democrats’ chances of winning back the White House — are not going away.

Is the Trade War With China Hurting Trump — or Not?

Must-read New York Times story out of Ohio says key voters staying with incumbent because of his get-tough approach.

But Reuters dispatch from Iowa suggests ag voters are feeling the pain and looking at 2020 options.

My take: Trump won Ohio and Iowa easily, putting them in a different category than Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Stories such as these will ebb and flow for months, along with the economic news, but until there is a Democratic nominee that makes the election a choice, not a referendum on Trump, all of this is premature.

Why Trump Is Complaining About Fox News

President goes into second day kvetching about his favorite channel’s featuring Buttigieg town hall.

My take: With Ailes and other off-air allies gone, Trump is rightly worried that he could lose his hammerlock over the sign-on-to-sign-off coverage at the network. “Fox and Friends” and the primetime lineup will always stay on his side, but some of the news talent doesn’t want to be shut out from covering the marquee story of the Democratic nomination battle, which could be THE story for months. If Shep Smithism creeps into more of the 9am to 6pm programming, it could cost Trump tens of millions in (previously easily) earned media.

Governing Continues

White House aides meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday to talk about budget and debt ceiling issues.

My take: Amidst all the chaos and partisan fights, certain matters must be addressed. The congressional leaders and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney all get that they have to pull together to find some basic agreements to get through 2020. Trump, always looking for every edge and unconcerned with conventions and norms, remains the odd man out at his own talks.

Big Four

New Hampshire

Sununu breaks from party, supports state retiree cost of living adjustment.


Yucca funding fight expected in US House committee.

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