Friday, May 17, 2019

What About Bob?

Mystery of why no date has been set for Mueller Hill testimony remains…a mystery.

My take: The Wall Street Journal has some sources saying executive privilege is part of the holdup, but no one really seems to know. And/but the New York Times says congressional Democrats have been outflanked on the post-report PR front by Republicans and are now dependent on the special counsel not just ultimately appearing on Capitol Hill, but delivering a virtuoso performance in order to keep (or “get”?) the investigative momentum going.

There’s even talk that Mueller’s top deputies might even need to be called to appear with their circumspect boss — since they are thought to be more willing to be openly critical of Donald Trump.

A new Fox News poll shows that Mueller’s approval rating with Republicans is way up, while it is way down with Democrats.

But/and the poll also finds this: “When asked who they trust more to tell the truth, voters pick Mueller over Trump (by 45-27 percent), Mueller over Attorney General William Barr (by 40-22 percent), and Congressional Democrats over the administration (by 44-33 percent).”

And there is still this other mystery that no one has really explained: why did Mueller close up shop with the Roger Stone case still going and with apparent grand jury business left to conduct??

Xi Whiz

The New York Times makes an heroic effort to explain why China scuttled its US trade deal at the last minute.

My take: In the end, the paper only offers up theories, rather than an explanation. And without knowing why the Chinese added poison pill conditions that blew up the negotiations it is impossible to know what it would take to get the talks back on track.

Biden, Sanders Still Getting Half in Big Field

New Fox News poll shows Warren improvement.

Joe Biden 35
Bernie Sanders 17
Elizabeth Warren 9
Pete Buttigieg 6
Kamala Harris 5
Beto O’Rourke 4
Cory Booker 3
Amy Klobuchar 2
Julian Castro 2
John Delaney 1
Tulsi Gabbard 1
Jay Inslee 1
Tim Ryan 1
Marianne Williamson 1
Andrew Yang 1

My take: On the eve of his official Philly kickoff, Biden has banked another week at the top of the leader board with all the dynamics and planning that got him there still in place. And Trump is coming for a Pennsylvania rally on Monday.

The Big Four


Iowa among 5 states to announce new lawsuits against OxyContin maker.

Steve Bullock kicks off 2020 campaign in Iowa.

New Hampshire

House set to attempt override of death penalty repeal veto.


In Las Vegas, Kamala Harris calls Trump immigration plan ‘shortsighted’.

MGM could pay up to $800M in Las Vegas shooting settlement.

South Carolina

Dem presidential hopeful Williamson visits Spartanburg.

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